Having a check-up performed is one of the most outstanding indicators that one takes care of themselves and pays attention to their wellbeing. Thanks to check-up screening, which evaluates individuals’ general medical conditions, a disease that has not yet become symptomatic can be diagnosed early on. It should be noted that early diagnosis is of vital importance for various diseases, primarily cancer. Check-up (medical screening) examinations promote early diagnosis of such diseases and boost the possibility of successful treatment. 

You can also take part in our screening programs, find out about any conditions you may have, and take precautions in advance. Our screening programs can be considered for regular control of your existing conditions as well.

How is check-up performed?

A preliminary consultation with your physician is held prior to check-up investigations in order to evaluate the patient’s medical history, genetic background, environmental circumstances, lifestyle, diet, habits and familial risks. Risk factors specific to each patient are determined for the purpose of customizing the check-up program to be followed. Check-up programs that are suitable for each patient’s specific risks and needs are prepared as a result of cooperation among the various departments of our hospital. Emphasizing on a holistic evaluation of the patient, this approach is supported by interdisciplinary specialists of our hospital. Any test or investigation that needs to be performed at another department is arranged at our check-up department as well. Patients are duly informed about steps to be taken and points to take into consideration based on screening results. In case a medical condition is diagnosed at the end of check-up screening, the patient is referred to the relevant department. 

Starting from the preliminary consultation, we aim to keep in touch with patients constantly and serve them beyond regular screening as the first point of contact for all kinds of medical problems.

Patients who are required to go through tests on an empty stomach are served breakfast that is prepared especially for them after their procedures. Throughout the time patients spend at our hospital, their periodical medical controls are conducted under supervision of our check-up advisors. 

Remember: Awareness and early diagnosis in all branches of medicine not only enhance one’s living standards, but also prolong life. Value yourself and be aware of your health condition.

Service subcategories of the check-up department

  • General check-up (health screening)
  • Dermal health
  • Nutrition
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Male/female health
  • Cardiac health
  • Medical imaging


The check-up department is not limited to only one specialization. Instead, we prefer to focus on a holistic evaluation of patients. Our department collaborates with the departments of cardiology, clinical laboratory, radiology and nuclear medicine for check-up programs. Support is provided by all other departments as well, primarily branches such as nutrition and dietetics, endocrinology, gastroenterology, physical medicine and general surgery.
Rather than offering treatment for specific complaints, our department provides preventive healthcare services and aims to make sure that individuals stay healthy by taking precautions in advance before a medical condition occurs.