Leadership In Research And Education
Our faculty members invest substantial significance into interdisciplinary cooperation and strategic teamwork while conducting their own independent research in order to make quality and original contributions to universal science as well as to influence intellectual, technological, economic and social development of Turkey.
Koç University Hospital provides a unique setting for translational medical research with research laboratories located right within the center of its premises. We aspire to keep pushing the limits of universal science forward with laboratories fully equipped with facilities of the most advanced technology available and highly qualified human resources. 
In addition to baseline scientific research, phase I-IV trial studies are successfully conducted at the Clinical Research Center of Koç University Hospital. The Phase 1 Clinical Research Center, as Turkey’s first high-risk drug research center, upholds its own quality and audit system and includes 7 single-person volunteer rooms, a laboratory/drug preparation area, pharmacy, recreational and mess areas, personnel rooms and an archive. The Clinical Research Unit is reinforced with all types of hardware, equipment and human resources capable of providing any scientific and technical support that may be required at any stage of a clinical research from designing studies to timely and effective completion. Specialized in coordination of clinical studies, our team members ensure compliance to national and international legal and regulatory requirements, Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (GCP), International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) and the Declaration of Helsinki.
It is our objective to ensure that our medical students, assistants and physicians from around the world attending our hospital for training and education purposes leave as empathic individuals with a high level of communication skills, who do not view their patients merely as a compendium of complaints and laboratory results, but rather as a whole with their emotions and social circumstances. 
Physicians of Koç University Hospital embrace these qualities while rendering clinical services and educational activities, and pay due attention to physical and mental wellbeing, privacy and dignity of both patients and students of all levels. Our students and assistants get involved in every step of patient treatment and care under direct supervision and accountability of our physicians and faculty members as per approval of our patients. While not an obligatory part of the services we offer, this is a contribution we are determined to make for a brighter future in Turkish medicine. 



Rahmi M. Koç Advanced Interventional Medicine, Education and Simulation Center (RMK AIMES) aims not only to serve medical and nursing students of Koç University and medical professionals of Koç Healthcare, but also strives to improve medical services in the overall region with an advanced educational approach. 
Utilization of simulation in medical education combines traditional classroom learning with actual clinical practice. The primary objective of medical simulation is to reduce preventable medical errors that can be associated with the human factor. The scope of medical simulation, which is conducted in a safe learning environment, covers simpler technical skills such as administering injections to more complicated ones like cardiac catheterization. Simulation may also concentrate on promotion of non-technical skills of an individual, including decision making, leadership, effective teamwork and communication. 
Visit the AIMES website for further information.



KUTTRC aims to promote development of biomedical devices with high added value on the basis of scientific research and local means, and encourage and support research to be conducted in this regard.
For this purpose, the center prioritizes establishing national and international collaboration in addition to forming a bridge between industrialists and scientists. The extraordinary knowledge acquired from projects run by our researchers is dedicated to creation of next-gen diagnostic and treatment methods, and makes it possible to enhance public welfare.