All or a part of assessment tools that are listed below are used to evaluate if qualifications of a new graduate or an experienced candidate meet requirements of the position.
  • Competency-Based Interview
  • Personality Inventory
  • Numerical, Rational and Verbal General Skill Tests
  • English Placement Test

The position is offered to the candidates who are found eligible in the light of all these assessment. Here, we aim to assign a person to a department, where qualifications of the candidate are valuable, by reviewing knowledge, skill and competencies of applicants.

Please contact us at www.kariyer.net for application.

Internship Program

Our intern program is very important not only for organizing an educative and joyful training for our interns, but also for meeting the people who can contribute to our organization and have a profile, which matches our corporate culture.

Please contact us at www.kariyer.net for application.

Applications for internship are accepted from university students for the summer period and high school students for the winter period; the applications are reviewed only in those periods.
Our internships who continue their university educations are included in the skill pool to be evaluated for opportunities by participating in the “Coach Your Career” long-term internship program.

A social and versatile work life is very important for self-improvement of our employees. Social clubs, such as Percussion Club, Turkish Classical Music Club, Theatre Club, Sports Club and Photography Club, contributes to the development of hobbies, while awareness is boosted with “Yerinde Olsam (If I were You)” project that enables our employees spent a day in a department that they are interested in or wonder about.

The Reverse Mentoring creates synergy and promotes learning through the share of information, as our relatively less experienced employees are mentored by experienced managers, who discover the new world and gain different perspective with leaders of the future.

Bi’Mola event that we organize with different concepts for each month with our colleagues and employees is a break in the busy pace of daily activities to spend joyful time.

The “Yeni Bir Hayat (A New Life)” project is set up for our employees who are candidate mothers and the project aims to answer their questions and make the pregnancy period more joyful through yoga and informative seminars. They are sent off with a Gift Package and our female employees are supported in this process by facilitating the adaption period after the delivery. The experienced mothers among our employees support the mothers who just return from the maternity leave to facilitate their adaptation process with Kahraman Buddy (Hero Buddy) application.

Career planning is directly proportional to the success in Vehbi Koç Foundation’s Healthcare Facilities. Career planning can be horizontal or vertical. It is associated with authorization, responsibility and increased wage. Fulfillment of preliminary criteria for the position-specific evaluation of knowledge, experience and performance is a must for the career planning. Open positions are primarily publicized in the corporate and applications of our employees are reviewed. If there is no option of rotation in the organization, our job postings are published in career portals.

Contributions, advices and requests of our colleagues are utmost important in the development of our organization. Öneri Sepeti (Advice Basket) tracks these advices and contributions; advices made by employees are reviewed by a committee and the holder of the advice is rewarded, if it is put into force. All employees are rewarded with “Anlık Ödül (Instant Reward)” gift options for all processes that create a difference, set up a project, gains too many appreciations or prevent a material loss.

In the project titled “En Başarılı Koçlular (Most Successful Koç Members)” that covers all companies of the Koç Community, we aim to promote and reward the behaviors that will ensure achievement of vision and objectives of the Community and to reveal out the best practices.

Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Facilities implement a work assessment system that is based on the job definition (terms of reference), and total income of employees is determined according to competitive and fair policies based on the current wage market. In addition, a wage system is used that rewards and motivates the employee by distinguishing the strong performance. The employees are paid 16 gross salaries, including 12 gross salaries and 4 premiums per year. The salaries are promoted once a year. Performance review and market trends are taken into consideration in salary promotions. The employees are also provided with fringe benefits (in cash and kind).

Allowances for our employees:
  • Road toll (excluding ones who reside at lodging buildings),
  • Fuel allowance,
  • Child allowance – up to 2 children.
  • Allowance for Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha.
  • “Leave” allowance once a year after the annual leave is entitled,
  • “Milk” allowance if the employee or the spouse gives birth,
  • Marriage, birth, death allowances,
  • “Education” allowance once a year for children of personnel attending primary, secondary and high schools or university.
  • Kindergarten allowance for children of employees at contract facilities,
Package of detergent, shoes, towel and foods.

KoçAilem Program implies the entire benefits and practices that make contributions to increase quality of life and helps employees of Koç Holding family at all phases of the life. KoçAilem Program offers special advantages over the product and service range of Koç Holding companies and extra advantages based on periodical campaigns for the employees of Koç Holding.
Koç Foundation of Pension and Aid Fund:

Koç Foundation of Pension and Aid Fund allows a right of membership in the recruitment in order to provide all employees with “extra social security and aid”, after they start working at companies of the Koç Community.

The Performance Management Process (PMP) implemented in our hospital ensures continuous improvement of the employees’ performance in line with the corporate targets. Performance is analyzed once a year in order to provide input for the Salary Management Module. PMP has a two-stage scoring system, namely Target Review and Competency Review. Performance Analysis is also based on certain Human Resources practices, such as identifying appropriate persons for various open positions (internal transfer, career planning opportunities etc.) and determining the needs of improvement.


The education and improvement opportunities created for employees are the most important factor that forms the distinctive image of Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Facilities in the sector. Based on the approach “Training is the most important investment of a company to employees and accordingly its own future”, professional and personal improvement trainings are held and leadership development programs are executed throughout the year to improve knowledge and skills of employees and boost the level of quality service, and medical conferences ensure that the agenda is closely followed by all employees. All these efforts are continuously supported with in-service trainings and local and international congresses.