Providing our patients with complete care service at most ideal conditions to have our patient recover is among the primary goals of the Koç University Hospital. We strive to keep our services at highest standards possible within scope of the laws and legislations of Republic of Turkey and Global Patient Rights Declaration.  We show great attention to the rights and responsibilities of patients and their families to provide you with healthcare services in most comfortable, secure and attentive way in the most ideal environment. The document titled “Rights and responsibilities of patients and their families” are issued in line with the above mentioned laws, regulations and rules and the document is available below. Employees of our hospital would be happy to assist you regarding all questions you have on this subject.

Please call 0850 8 250 or e-mail to: to seek further information from the Patient Rights Office of our hospital.



Access to Care:

You have the right to access to care service through medical attention, affection and respect in a secure environment. Your care shall be provided regardless of any type of discrimination and your beliefs and values shall be respected.


The right to be informed about healthcare service:

You have the right to obtain detailed information about all aspects of your diagnosis, treatment and care processes. You are informed about the way you benefit from the healthcare service, the care service that is actually provided to you, other means that will be offered in relation with the care and possible support treatments as well as risks etc.

On the other hand, your right to know the healthcare personnel who deal with you, to be informed about your healthcare plan and to seek a second opinion at any stage of your treatment is reserved.

Our patient or any other person who is authorized by the patient has the right to access relevant medical records for an appropriate period of time.


Right to active participation in treatment and right to choose physician:

You have the right to express your opinion about all decisions related to your diagnosis and treatment and to participate in the decision-making stages.

You may participate in the treatment advised by our physicians, should available means of our hospital are taken into consideration, and you may seek maintenance of your treatment.

You have the right to refuse treatment after being informed about your current health status and the available treatment options. Moreover you may choose or request to change the personnel who will provide you with the healthcare service.

Right to Consent:

You have the right to obtain detailed information about all surgical/invasive procedures planned for you, to give informed consent and allow that the procedure is performed only at the conditions mentioned in the consent form.

You may request detailed information about the planned medical care and all details of the procedure in advance from our hospital as well as the primary physician and other healthcare professionals of the hospital.

You, your family members or the individuals authorized by you have the right to know all possible risks, benefits and options regarding the procedure / intervention.

Right to Respect Private Life and Privacy:

You have the right to have your private life protected and your privacy respected. Koç University Hospital acts very meticulously to protect private life and privacy of the patients pursuant to our ethical values. Our patients may request that their privacy is respected throughout the period of time they are provided with our healthcare services; their personal information is stored in a private and secure way and shared only with the people already authorized by the patient, should the conditions consented by the patient are strictly followed. 

Right to Complain and Appreciate:

You have the right to share your problems, criticisms or appreciations about the healthcare service you are provided with and to express your advices and good wishes.  You can fill in the “Inpatient and Outpatient Satisfaction Survey” of the Koç University Hospital to share your views and opinions. Moreover, you can always contact our Patient Rights Office.


Providing Information Regarding Your Health Status And Healthcare Services That You Received Previously

In the Koç University Hospital, our team expects you to provide our physicians and healthcare personnel with correct and complete information regarding the health conditions which lead to this admission, your past history of health, the healthcare services in your past admissions to our hospital and the medications that you currently use.

Information Regarding Your Healthcare Service and Treatment Processes

We expect our patients and their family members to share correct and complete information regarding therapeutic applications and procedures  in order to provide our patients with the care and treatment services at optimal conditions.

Participation to Decisions Regarding Healthcare Services

Our physicians and healthcare personnel aim to recommend the most optimal and effective method regarding your diagnosis and treatment process and they decide the most appropriate option for your treatment and/or medications in the light of complete and correct information provided by you.  We expect you to participate in the decisions regarding the healthcare service which will be provided to you during this process.

Compliance to Treatment and Procedures Advised By Our Healthcare Professionals

We care about your participation in the decision making process to have the recommended treatment and care to be more effective and beneficial. It is especially important for you to understand the treatment process and modality completely and correctly. We expect you to notify our team if you think you are not duly informed or if you have any concerns. We request that you follow all instructions of our healthcare team and you notify our team, if you do not apply the relevant treatment plan.

Rules and Practices of Our Hospital

  • We expect our patients, family members and guests to follow all rules and practices of the hospital to ensure safety, health and comfort of our patients.
  • You may visit our hospital at: 09:00 - 22:00. These periods of time may vary for our Intensive Care Unit and Pediatrics clinic. We allow maximum two guests per patient room to preserve comfort and safety of our patients.Smoking is forbidden in the Koç University Hospital.
  • Cell phones may damage the technical equipment that is used for healthcare services; we kindly request that you use your cell phones as rarely as possible, and we try to take your phone calls in the entrances, especially while in rooms and ground floors.
  • Our hospital does not accept flowers to protect health and safety of patients.
  • We expect our patients to respect each other’s confidentiality and privacy as well as their need to a quite environment in order to provide the most ideal and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Our hospital is environment-friendly. We expect you to obey the indoor practices of our hospital that are set to ensure efficient use of our natural resources and reduction and sorting of wastes.