Our Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine department offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in addition to treatment and follow-up services at global standards for diseases associated with diving. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves inhalation of pure oxygen inside a closed pressurized chamber.

There are 4 pressurized chambers at our Undersea Medicine and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center. Each chamber accommodates one patient at a time for a personal treatment environment. This not only reduces the risk of infection to minimum, but also ensures that patients receive their treatment in a comfortable and safe setting. Our pressurized chambers are also equipped with automation and air conditioning systems.


Diseases treated by means of HBOT include diabetes, bone infections, vascular occlusion and conditions that require oxygen for healing, such as burns and lesions that may result from radiotherapy. Various other conditions and diseases like sudden hearing loss, sudden compromised vision due to occlusion of optic vessels and decompression disease -which is also known as nitrogen narcosis and occurs as a result of rapidly changing pressure while diving- are also treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Patients experiencing sudden hearing or vision loss, bone narcosis, small nonhealing wounds, carbon monoxide poisoning and diseases associated with diving should consult for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.