We merge the up-to-date technologies into our innovative approach, while we provide healthcare services at our hospitals. We carry out our activities with the motto of “our most valuable asset is the human” and this approach underlies our human resources policy.

The basic principle of recruitment process in Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Facilities is to employ the educated and professional human resource with appropriate qualification at correct time that can adopt and apply philosophy, vision, mission and principles of Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Facilities and that can improve and develop the personal career, the team and the company and follows and implements the technological advancements.

The candidates should be sophisticated, open to learning and innovations, successful in human relations and take initiative in addition to qualifications that meet technical specifications of the position.

Our work system is focused on “patient satisfaction”, as we operate in the health sector. In this end, a working potential that aims extending beyond the expectations of patients is a must.

Our list of potential employees includes people, who are strictly loyal to the position, have perfect communication skills, can empathize, are efficient in team work and taking initiative and are experts for the position.

Recruitment of doctors and personnel at Koç University Hospital are executed by Human Resources Directorate of our hospital. We do not work with any local or international intermediary firm.