To be a leading university hospital by educating and training individuals who uphold ethical values, use contemporary information and technology, lead through education, training, research and development and delivery of healthcare services at international standards in the clinical area, respect basic human values, are innovative and take initiative.



To maintain our respectability and be a globally leading university hospital by continuously improving quality teaching, research and healthcare services we provide through our medical staff providing healthcare services in line with academic values and competent personnel.



  • Patient safety is our priority.
  • Our target is efficient and quality patient care and treatment.
  • We conduct all applications in line with the principles of respecting the ethical values, being scientific and continuous improvement.
  • Our goal is to be an international reference center regarding research, teaching and healthcare services.
  • Our self-review is based on a measurable and reviewable system.
  • We create professional development and continuous education opportunities for our human resources.
  • Our social responsibility is to ensure transparency, reliability and sustainability in educational activities and healthcare services we deliver.



Pursuant to our managerial approach, quality and environment policy, Koç University Hospital commits to;

  • Uphold the requirements of Koç Holding with laws, regulations, national and international standardization and accreditations for quality and environment by taking needs, expectations and rights of patients, personnel, students, faculty members, researchers and all shareholders into consideration at every step of our services,
  • Prioritize continuous development and improvement through teamwork in line with occupational ethics in order to provide the healthcare services required by clinical medicine education at national and international standards.
  • Take necessary measures to ensure continuous improvement of patient care standards,
  • Pay attention for increasing satisfaction of our patients, their family members, our staff, students, researchers and faculty members.
  • Be a leading academic organization for scientific research and novel procedures by using up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge medical technologies.
  • Provide a preferable hospital environment by facilitating improvement of competency and education of our staff and encourage participation in quality and environmental management systems,
  • Spend effort to raise environmental awareness in patients and their relatives, our personnel, students, researchers, faculty members, subcontractors, suppliers and the society which we interact with,
  • Be in constant communication with our shareholders on environmental matters,
  • Identify, monitor and check environmental elements, prevent pollution and continuously improve our environmental performance in order to minimize negative environmental impact and environmental risks of clinical teaching and research studies as well as testing, diagnosis and treatment services,
  • Maintain consistency in quality of patient care while managing medical and other waste in accordance with legal requirements in order to decrease amount of waste; and protect the environment by implementing energy saving projects in order to use the natural resources efficiently,
  • Adopt a transparent hospital management system oriented on total quality management that focuses on the patient through continuously improved processes and performance.
  • Dispose the waste produced in the service delivery and clinical medical education in line with laws and regulations; prevent damage to the environment and leave a clean environment for future generations,
  • Legate the systems created for this purpose, our corporate culture and our dignity to future generations.