Patient Experience Everywhere

A novel area in healthcare services, “patient experience” was introduced to our country for the first time after a Patient Experience Office was established at the Vehbi Koç Foundation American Hospital in 2015. The Experience Office of Koç University Hospital was later launched in 2020. 

As an integral component of high-level patient care, patient experience encompasses a field of service aimed at offering quality healthcare experience sought after by patients, be it in the form of receiving care in a timely manner, accessing information easily or establishing firm communication with healthcare providers.
Our objective is to create an environment promoting “outstanding patient experience”, which facilitates communication and clearly reflects how well patients’ and their relatives’ needs are met.

As the patient experience team, we assist patients in terms of sharing their suggestions, concerns and satisfaction. Feedback obtained from our patients and their relatives allow us to focus on celebrating our success as well as focusing on opportunities of improvement. 

We continue to listen to you and be your voice so as to enhance patient experience and address potential concerns. 


(Our Patient Experience Index in 2021 is at a rate of 84%)

If you would like us to personally pay a visit to your room and listen to your feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.