Assoc. Prof. Oğuz Baran, M.D.


Assoc. Prof. Oğuz Baran, M.D.
  • Conducted studies at the Micro-Endoneurosurgery and Neuroanatomy Laboratory of İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine in 2015.
  • Attended studies at the Dr. Albert L. Rhoton Microsurgery and Neuroanatomy Laboratory of Florida University, McKnight Brain Institute in 2015 and 2016.  
  • Completed neuro-oncology and functional brain mapping training by Prof. Hugues Duffau at Gui de Chauliac Hospital (Montpellier, France) in 2017.
  • Primary fields of clinical interest:
    • Major clinical areas of interest include:
    • Brain tumors,
    • Vascular diseases of the brain,
    • Hydrocephalus,
    • Skull base lesions,
    • Spine and spinal cord diseases,
    • Peripheral nerve (Carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar entrapment neuropathy) surgery.


Education Institution Year
Ph.D. in Neurological Sciences Marmara University, Institute of Neurological Sciences (dissertation stage) 2017 - To date
Neurosurgery Residency İstanbul Research and Education Hospital 2012 - 2018
Medical Education Hacettepe University-School of Medicine 2003 - 2010


Title Institution Year
Assoc. Prof. / Attending Physician Koç University Hospital 2020 - To date
Attending Physician (Compulsory Service) Haseki Research and Education Hospital, Neurosurgery Clinic 2018 - 2020
Assistant Physician İstanbul Research and Education Hospital, Neurosurgery Clinic 2012 - 2018