Breast Aesthetics

Breasts can lose their form due to many reasons such as aging, pregnancy, genetic factors, menopause, weight gain and rapid weight loss. Aesthetically more pleasing breasts can improve self-confidence, make you feel better and help you choose your clothes freely. One or several of following practices may be suitable for you.

Breast Lift

Breast tissue is lost due to age-related hormonal reasons. This may result in volume loss and sagging in breasts. Sometimes, the ligaments holding the breasts are congenitally weak. In such cases, you can safely have breast lift surgeries.

Breast Augmentation

Volume of breast tissue may be less than you desire in case of underdeveloped breast tissue, loss of breast tissue due to weight loss or reduction of volume after breastfeeding. In these cases, you can undergo breast augmentation surgery after the most suitable, from medical perspective, implant is chosen for your body.

Breast Reduction

Large and sagging breasts can deteriorate the physical appearance. Large breasts can also cause back and neck pains as well as redness and itching on skin. The purpose of breast reduction surgeries is to gain the most ideal form of breasts and boost your quality of life.

Correction of Breast Asymmetry

Breasts may vary in terms of volume, level of nipple, diameter of areola or shape. Breasts with different sizes can cause improper posture. Our physicians can ensure symmetry between the breasts by augmenting the small breast or reducing the larger breast or using silicone implants with different size and height.

Breast Reconstruction

Recently, breast cancer awareness increases in general population and breast reconstruction has, therefore, become one of the most demanded surgeries. You can prefer having effective breast reconstruction surgeries at our hospitals to preserve the sense of integrity and to maintain healthy social and sexual functions.

Body Aesthetics



Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excessive fat deposition in mid and lower abdomen, corrects sagging skin and reconstructs abdominal muscles. In our hospitals, abdominoplasty is performed for patients who do not respond to diet and exercise. Thus, you may increase your self-confidence by getting rid of the sagging skin.


If you have fat depositions that cannot be eliminated with regional slimming techniques, we perform surgical procedures to remove excessive fat and recontour your body. Liposuction offers productive outcomes for persistent excessive fat and regional fat depositions especially in buttocks, hips, tummy, low back and knee.

Arm lift surgery

Skin may lose elasticity and thickness over time. Certain factors, such as quick weight loss and abnormally relaxed muscles, may lead to sagging of skin in arms, as is the case with other body parts. Arm lift surgery helps the skin sagging in arms. If you have sagging skin in your arms due to quick or massive weight loss, loss of skin elasticity and reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue, an arm lift surgery can meet your expectations.

Total body contouring

In our hospitals, we may perform and use liposuction, fat removal, vacuum, silicone hip prosthesis or lipofiller regarding total body contouring for patients who request curved and round buttocks with optimal lift.

Hand Aesthetics

Hands are among the body parts, where signs of aging are observed earlier, but they are also subject to severest effects of wearing. Since hands are exposed to sun rays, various weather conditions and chemicals over time, various problems may develop, including but not limited to loss of subcutaneous soft tissue, spots on skin surface, lentigo and thinning. Lipo-injection may help you have far younger and more beautiful hands.

Genital Aesthetics

Although cosmetic and functional appearance of genital organs is not shared with social life, aesthetic problems may cause psychological effects. Correction of the deformities may boost your self-confidence and help you feel more courageous.

Ankle Slimming

Ankle slimming is used to thin and shape thick ankles and gain a more elegant appearance. In our hospitals, excessive fat is removed and ankles are recontoured with liposuction technique for ankle slimming.

Body Contouring Following Obesity Surgery

Following quick weight loss with obesity surgery, where a large part of the stomach is removed, the fat deposited in the skin empties, resulting in severe sagging; this process not only lead to dermatologic problems, such as heat rash, but also causes psychological problems, such as dissatisfaction with the physical appearance. Body shaping package involves abdominoplasty, back lift, breast aesthetics, neck or face lift, leg light and other personalized treatments and surgeries.

Facial Aesthetics



For rhinoplasty, we aim to correct shape of the nose in line with the shape and structural characteristics of the face. You may visit our hospitals for correction of nasal bone, nasal tip and nostrils, reduction or augmentation of nose, restoration of symmetry in septal deviations and treatment of inability to breathe through nostrils.


Signs of aging are very evident in eyelids and around the eyes. The process starts with wrinkles around the eyes and progresses with sagging skin, formation of under-eye bags and deformity of eyelids. Periocular lift procedures may help you get a far younger look.

Face Lifting

Facial skin wears off and deforms due to aging, gravity force, stress, unhealthy eating and sun exposure. Face lift can correct the skin that sags due to those factors. Facelift helps your face look far younger. Face lift can be combined with neck lift (platysmaplasty) to reduce fat depositions and correct the sagging skin.

Otoplasty / Ear Aesthetics

You may have twisted, tapered or prominent ears. We aim to restore optimal shape and position of the ear in otoplasty. Otoplasty may also correct symmetry problems of ears.


You may feel bad due to collapsed skin in cheeks and insufficient prominence of cheekbone. You may prefer mentoplasty to have sharper facial lines. In mentoplasty procedures, your chin may be contoured into a more tapered and prominent form, a sharper contour can be created on the line of the chin closer to the ear and implants can be placed to jaw and cheek bones.

Forehead Lift

Irrespective of the age, having the anterior hair line abnormally backward (open forehead) or abnormally forward (short forehead) may help you feel aesthetically beautiful.

The horizontal lines on the forehead and the mimic lines between the eyebrows deepen as the person ages. These changes can be associated with sagging of the brows, ptosis of eyelids and formation of under-eye bags. Forehead lifts offers you forehead aesthetic and helps your eyebrows and hair line gain ideal dimensions