Koç University Hospital Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Center promises you a glittering, bright, fit, young, charming and flawless “appearance” both in the mirror and in the eyes of others.

Superior technologic equipment and internationally respected and experienced specialists are combined to make sure you get the highest version of your overall physical appearance. Being aware that only a healthy body can look aesthetic and beautiful; our specialists work to treat not only the aesthetic problems but also the health problems that may affect the physical appearance. Our specialists listen to your requests carefully, share their observations and recommendations based on their experience and knowledge and provide personalized solutions at our center. The eligible applications and methods are planned based on the individuals’ needs rather than the commonly referred templates.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists of Koç University Hospital Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology Center work cooperatively to achieve the most stunning outcomes for you with the most accurate touches. They create solutions collaboratively to correct congenital and acquired deformities or problems secondary to aging or other external factors without leaving any trace and provide you with an appearance that reflects you in the best way.

Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Center’s very special field of operation consists of surgical practices that provide the fastest possible healing period thanks to the technological means for surgical procedures and cutting edge non-surgical methods and techniques used for all physical changes you want, ranging from hair and nails to the skin and bone structure.