Diagnosis, treatment/supportive treatment and prevention of all types of cancer and all other clinical cases associated with cancer constitute the field of activity for the department of Medical Oncology. Our department diagnoses and plans treatment of all cancer cases at weekly multidisciplinary meetings attended by various branches. By conducting in-depth tumor council meetings, collaborating with the relevant branches and requesting consultation from other departments -as may be necessary-, patients’ cases are evaluated and comprehensive treatment options are presented. Our patients obtain facilitated access to the latest modes of treatment that are further reinforced with effective, modern and practical infrastructure. Treatment courses are guided by globally recognized standard scientific research output and data. 
Thanks to the spacious and convenient outpatient treatment units, patients complete their treatments as comfortably as possible. Protection of patients’ privacy is among our top priorities. The wide treatment spaces available at our hospital and department render it possible to treat our patients in the safest manner possible even at times of global and seasonal viral epidemics.  
International patients are assisted by representatives of the “International Patient Programs” department from the moment they visit our hospital until they complete their treatment. 
Genetic and tumor mutation analyses, individual and familial risk analysis, prophylactic measures, targeted treatment planning, immunotherapy, vaccine therapies and extensive geriatric evaluation are services included within the scope of our multidisciplinary cancer program. 

Maintaining a high level and quality of patient care is of utmost importance to us. We fully realize that supportive treatment matters, as does systemic treatment of cancer. Accordingly, our inpatient and outpatient visitors receive all kinds of psychological support from our specialized psychologist. Furthermore, our dietitian assists our patients by assessing their nutritional problems and recommending dietary regulations as well as supportive nutritional treatment. 

Our department collaborates with international institutions operating in the field of cancer treatment. Promoting creativity and innovation, our team continuously reviews and practices novel treatment and diagnostic methods. During the process of deciding on routes of treatment for each case, we utilize advanced imaging techniques. Likewise, treatment practices involve advanced modern surgical methods. 

Oncological treatment approaches acknowledged in all scientific circles -such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, smart drugs and hormonotherapy- are practiced at our department. All chemotherapy courses and other treatment procedures are handled by specialized and experienced oncology nurses, clinical psychologists and nutrition experts, and supervised and coordinated as a whole by physicians specialized in their respective fields.
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