General Pediatrics Outpatient Clinic

General Pediatrics department renders primarily preventive healthcare services and all workup and treatments for children (0 to 18 years) and adolescents.  

Our principle goal as a baby-friendly hospital is to support breastfeeding. Breastfeeding counseling is available for all mothers who are followed up at our hospital following the birth.

Detailed neonatal metabolic screening test (Tandem MS, phenylketonuria, TSH, biotinidase, immune reactive trypsinogen), hearing screening and vision screening are performed for all newborn infants.

Our experienced and qualified team monitors growth and development of all children starting from neonatal period. Families are informed about child care and nutrition.

Necessary advices are made to support age-match mental and motor development in children. All age groups are followed up regarding psychological development.

Along with all vaccines listed in vaccination schedule of the Ministry of Health, all other vaccines that are not listed in vaccination schedule of the Ministry of Health (Rotavirus, Meningococcus, ACWY, Meningococcus B and HPV vaccines etc.) are also administered starting from neonatal period.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are ensured according to age and needs of children. All age groups are evaluated regarding healthy nutrition and exercises and recommendations are shared with the families for these children.

Moreover, childhood diseases are dealt with through a holistic approach and first-line treatment is provided for acute and chronic diseases. Families are referred to related department for advanced treatments, if necessary.
Preventive healthcare services ensure early diagnosis and treatment in addition to prevention of diseases. Preventive healthcare services have a more effective field comparing to therapeutic services. Experienced physicians of our unit follow the preventive health recommendations of the Ministry of Health, World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics and they also implement the most up-to-date approaches in clinical practice.

In addition to outpatient clinics of pediatric divisions, there are also Medical Genetics, Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Psychiatry units and our patients are also served by pediatric psychologist and pediatric dietician. This interdisciplinary holistic approach provides ease and promptness in follow-up and differential diagnosis for both the families and our physicians. Moreover, we cooperate with our experienced colleagues in the field of pediatrics at ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology and orthopedics departments.

Outpatient Clinic

At our Pediatrics outpatient clinic which is located separately from other departments of the hospital, we take special care for the children to spend an enjoyable and safe waiting time with a large waiting room and playground. A separate room is available only for breastfeeding in the outpatient area. Laboratory tests are performed after necessary samples are collected by experienced pediatric nurses of the department without need to go another area. There is an area with 3 beds where steam therapy, injection and short-term follow-up, such as body temperature monitoring, are performed in the observation room of our outpatient unit. 

Our outpatient clinic renders services from 08:00 to 17:00 in weekdays and 09:00 to 12:00 in the weekends and emergency unit of the clinic is at your service round the clock with specialist pediatrician staff. We spare 30 minutes for each patient and our team carries out all evaluations for the family and the child during the examination time.

You contact our call center by calling 0850 250 8250 to make an appointment from outpatient clinic.

Pediatrics Inpatient Clinic

Our inpatient clinic located on the upper floor of Pediatrics Outpatient Clinic consists of 24 rooms designed specifically for each patient. All details have been designed to be safe for pediatric patients requiring hospitalization and ensure that parents stay with their children. Isolation rooms are available to be used when necessary. A play room and an education room for children are also available at the clinic. A pediatrician always renders services at the clinic. The primary physician of the patient and physician of the clinic work cooperatively and consultations are requested from other departments if necessary. Moreover, Happy Child, Happy Family Program is conducted by a psychologist to assist the children followed up for chronic diseases and their families to cope with the difficulties.