The Pathology department of Koç University Hospital started admitting patients in 2014 and has been providing high-quality service at global standards with a team of 15 pathologists - 9 of them professors-, 7 pathology/medical technicians, 5 medical transcriptionists and 4 biologists since then. Boasting a team of physicians recognized in the national and international arena and the top-of-the-line technology, the department soon became a frequently visited center in Turkey for pathology consultations, offering services not only within the hospital but also to healthcare institutions around and outside İstanbul. All patient needs are effectively met thanks to available facilities, including digital pathology, molecular pathology and electron microscopy. Our team of expert pathologists are each specialized in almost all specific branches of pathology. 

Since its launch, the department of Pathology has increased the number of patient admissions by about 40 percent and annual molecular pathology evaluations up to one thousand. As of the year 2019, over twenty thousand specimens were analyzed at the department. 


Correct Destination for a Second Opinion

The Pathology department of Koç University Hospital looks into pathologies of all body systems. If you wish to obtain a second opinion on previously analyzed pathology specimens, you may contact us at 0850 250 8250 / 25650 or to find out more about how to submit them for consultation.


Next-Gen Technology

Our department is capable of conducting all types of molecular pathology investigations aimed at determining targeted cancer therapies. These tests are mainly based on next-gen sequencing, which enables rapid and effective evaluation of multiple genes at the same time. These investigations can be performed on both pathology and cytology specimens. Liquid biopsy studies are also available as part of our molecular pathology investigations. You may contact us at 0850 250 8250 / 29729 or to find out more.

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Cytology and surgical specimens are analyzed for pathology by a team of specialized pathologists equipped with cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure at our laboratory. Additionally, the team conducts immunohistochemical and molecular studies, which are of predictive significance for determining immunotherapy options or target-specific therapies for cancer patients.  

Our advanced immunohistochemistry laboratory is able to conduct studies using nearly 300 antibodies, while routine tests of our department include immunofluorescence and in-situ hybridization as well.

The molecular pathology laboratory, on the other hand, routinely performs real-time PCR, pyrosequencing and next-gen sequencing tests.
  • Electron Microscopy

The electron microscopy unit of our department was launched in 2020 under directorship of Prof. Dilek Ertoy Baydar, M.D., and conducts detailed investigations on liver and kidney biopsies.


  • Molecular Pathology
The molecular pathology laboratory keeps building up on its equipment and facilities in order to keep up-to-date with and meet needs in this field. Next-gen sequencing cancer panels aimed at detection of gene-specific mutations and determining targeted therapies for various types of cancer- pulmonary carcinomas in particular- are performed in this laboratory